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First Tempo Run - And a very fetching green badge

The following phrase should be said in the styleee of 'Janice' from Friends (Chandlers ex)

Oh my God

At 4 degrees or below there was no childhood exuberance for the first tempo training run. I performed my star jumps and lunges to warm up and ran out the door. As I watched my breath stream past me and felt my hands get colder, thoughts turned to the last time I ever ran in the cold. 1978 probably, with the senior school hockey team, on a frozen pitch and I remember the pain from those Saturday mornings, getting hit by the ball or someone's stick. Ouch! Must put wee black gloves on my weekend shopping list. Hands stayed cold

Anyway my run was broken up into six segments of 5 mins. Warm up jog, steady run, fast run, steady run, fast run, warm down jog and I headed up to the overgrown single lane red ash running track to have go. And I went. It was fast, but too fast to run for 5 minutes. Even the wonderful beat of Footloose couldn't keep me going. I suppose it will take a few attempts to find a sustainable fast pace for the tempo sessions.

I haven't had a look yet at the next session's torture err I mean training, but I know tomorrow is a rest day. Yaaaay. Instead I can sit and admire that lovely green graduate badge that I have ;)

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The green badge looks great next to your name... Congrats!


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