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Run 30 mins?? I just did!!!!

I've just completed Week 8 Run 2 and with a new Olympic inspired play list I was off! Using Mapmyrun to track my progress I got to 1.6km ahead of target and started planning ahead to see if I could extend my route in case I continued at this pace. At 3.2km I was only at 20mins (usually closer to 25 mins) and as I returned to the village green my friends who started Week 5 today were just heading home and I still had about 8 mins of running to do. So I did my old five min loop which only took about 3 mins and finished off running round and round the green waiting for my husband to appear to collect me enroute to walking our six dogs. I finally had a look at mapmyrun and it said I'd run 30.14 and I came to an immediate stop lol.

I was three songs in to my run when Heather Small's Proud came on and when she asked "what have you done today to make you feel proud?" I have to admit to a little tear and a shout out of "this"!! Well it was only 7am!

Off on holiday this Saturday so will need to find a new route for my week 9 runs!

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What a fantastic run. You are doing so well! Be very proud of yourself.


Congratulations! You are doing fantastic and should be very proud of your achievement!!!! Hope to see your graduate badge soon!!!!! :-)


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