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Week 4 run 3 - Outside!!!

I've used the treadmill since starting the programme, but my gym was closed last night, so outside it was. I got rained upon on the way home from work but by the time I'd arrived home it was a lovely evening.

Despite this and the very pleasant semi-rural setting had to run in, this was the hardest run I've done. This was the one where I came closest to stopping and giving up, the one where I totally understand anyone on here wishing and wishing for Laura to tell them it's time to start walking again and the one I won't be repeating in a hurry!

Glad I did it but so glad I'm heading back to the treadmill for Week 5. :-)

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I am an outdoor runner (on pavement) but I have read by many here on the board that there is a huge difference in treadmill vs outdoors. At least you had the experience and can now go back indoors. Good luck with week 5!


You didn't look like you were struggling, you seemed to breeze through it I thought.


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