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Every time you run, you win


I was up early and had some new running gear to wear today (after chasing the delivery man down the drive in my pjs yesterday and bang on the side of his van as he hadnt bothered to even ring the door bell! ). In my early morning fuzzy-headed state I decided I wanted to wear all my new clothes, which was a mistake and ended up far too hot as it wasnt as cold out as I'd thought.

I didnt time my warm up walk very well and the first 3 mins of running were uphill (though it was then downhill for my last few minutes, which I appreciated!). I found the first 5 minute run hard and then started to descend another hill during the intermediate walk. So I decided to cheat a little bit and turn round earlier than I had wanted, purely so the 2nd 3min run wouldn't all be up hill!

The title of this blog I took from a book I'd read, and I found myself repeating this mantra to myself a few times to get me through the run.

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I think your blog has an excellent title & I hope you don't mind if I borrow it myself when the going gets tough. Good luck with W4 R2 Jx


Of course not, I actually stole it from Ruth Field who wrote a book called Run Fat B*tch Run :-)


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