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Redoing first 2 runs of W5.... Is this a good plan?

I completed W5 last Saturday and really enjoyed it. I can only fit 2 runs this week (Tues...which I've just done and Saturday). My usual days are Tues, Thurs and Sat which I find work really well around my work and family life. Do you think it will be ok to just do W5R1&2 and omit W5R3 this week and start W6 on my usual starting day which will be Tues next week.

Apologies if this sounds all a bit 'gobbllygook' but I've got into a nice routine and from what I believe W6 is a bit harder

Cheers :-)

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If I were you I'd carry on with W6R1 for your next run and go on from there, just counting the runs and not worrying if you don't get a 'run week' exactly into a calender week. If you completed W5R3 you don't need to go back. If you felt one of the W6etc runs went badly you could always repeat that.

You might find too that as you get further into the longer runs, Tuesdays and Thursdays come too close together anyway :-) and you need to be flexible because of that.

I'm at W9R1 now and it does take a wee bit longer to recover from each run...

As long as you keep safe and enjoy your running, you'll get to the end of the programme someday and somehow - that's the important thing!


I know where you are coming from, I feel wrong if I do a run outside of its week, but it really doesn't matter and I would say keep progressing as you may need to take some rest/injury days as the runs get longer. Also (assuming you are not on a treadmill) I would get as many weeks under my belt as possible whilst we have the weather and the daylight.


Thanks for the replies. I'll start W6 on Saturday and see how it goes.

Mattaitch, I do have a treadmill but it's broken at the moment. I think we're going to sell it once it's fixed anyway as I have never really enjoyed it and now love running outside.

Thanks again :-)


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