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Week 8 finished - and my first 3 mile run

I've just done w8r3, but also I was a bad boy and overran for 5 minutes and completed 3 miles (it would have been the full 5K but I ran out of track and I didn't want to have the dog off the leash on the road).

Things didn't start well as I was due to due the run yesterday but woke up with blocked ears and feeling a bit crap, and, as I had had a busy weekend of kayaking and cycling, I felt I could have an additional rest day. Anyway I ended up taking the afternoon off sick as my muzzy head turned into a full-blown headache and every was sounding like Metal Mickey.

This morning I woke up feeling better and when I saw the dawning of a beautiful day I knew I just had to get out. So off I set with a very excited Schnauzer in tow. However, when I came to the start of my run and I unleashed the dog and started endomondo I managed to rewind the podcast to the beginning instead of pausing/restarting. Anyway I couldn't work out how to fast forward to the beginning of the run section and I didn't want to stop (or run into a tree whilst fiddling) so I decided to run until Laura said "5 minutes to go". It felt a bit weird to be running to the walking music and it definitely slowed my pace, as when I reached 28 minutes I had only covered 2.5 miles (0.2 miles less than my last run). When Laura piped up rather than stopping I decided to run the extra 5 minutes as I felt OK, and as I came to a halt endomondo (which has a kind of robo-Laura) told me I had done 3 miles in 33 minutes.

What's weird is that although I felt I could have carried on beyond even that, when I got home I started to feel lousy again, to the extent that I'm going to work from home in case that headache comes back.

So the question is how far will I be able to run when I'm better? I can't wait to find to find out, week 9 now holds no fears for me.

BTW - does anyone else take great pleasure in deleting the completed podcasts?

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