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I just ran for 30 minutes... [w9r1]

That was it then, that was the fabled 30 minute run that Laura tells me I've training for for over two months. Not much worse than 28 minutes, to be fair.

So... Two more of those and I graduate?

When I started, 8 of the 60-second runs were too much for me. I had no idea how I would ever do 30 minutes straight, but today I did. If you're early in the course, I can tell you that it is possible.

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Oh well done! I'd been wondering how you were getting on... looking forward to your graduation blog then, not long to wait!


Well done you! Have you had any repeat illnesses? Or do you think it was just coincidence getting ill twice on the same week? You have a cool name by the way!


Well done!! I think W9R1 was more emotional for me than W9R3 I really was chuffed - like you struggled. But when you get to the end of W9R3 and post a blog on here and all these lovely people respond it's definitely worth it. Not long now!


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