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puffing and panting!!!!!!!

Hey I have finally finished C25k but was just walking past 3 blokes out on a run, talking to each other, with NO puffing and panting, how do they do that???

When I do my running im puffing and panting like a steam train, couldnt possibly talk to anyone,

I wonder how long it takes before you can run and do all that.

Whats funny is when I run past someone I hold my breath abit so they dont hear me lol.

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Congratulations on graduating littlejan! :-) I love how some people can keep a conversation going like that as if they were just strolling along... I did manage to have a brief friendly chat with someone on parkrun (seems rude not to when you're running at the same pace), but not a full on natter like some people seem to.


I worry as well when I get close to people! I also say a quick prayer to give me the burst of energy I need to pass them! No way at all could I carry on a conversation at this point!


Oh you and me both littlejan. I was always so good at multi-tasking but have failed at this one. I did try singing along to my music for a while but got really embarrassed when dog walkers came around the corner grinning like cheshire cats, (heard my catawalling) and I frightened the poor birds too. Its one of the drawbacks of being a lone runner. ;)


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