Week 3 Run 1 (time flies when you’re having fun)

This morning, I set off as usual for my first run of the week. I have to say, I was more nervous this time. The thought of running for 3 minutes in one go (twice!) filled me with a little apprehension but I spent a lot of yesterday reading other peoples blogs on here for inspiration. (Thank you!)

So with my new (warmer) running kit on I set off on the 5 minute warm up walk. It was a lovely clear morning which really does raise the spirits, sunrise really is a beautiful time of day :-)

The first 90 seconds was.... OK.... I did wonder afterward if I could do the next interval but during the next 90 seconds walk I gave myself a good taking too. My god, I really felt the next 3 minutes, when Laura cut in and told me I half way though I thought... REALLY?!? But I managed the whole 3 minutes :-)

The last 3 minutes felt the same as the first; my calves were on fire the whole time. For the whole of the last interval, part of me was saying “For the love of god, stop” but a louder part was telling me “keep going, you can’t stop now” I’m sure that I actually said out loud “Come on Clare, keep moving!”

When Laura told me that last 3 minutes was up, I actually broke out in a smile and jumped up and down (what must my neighbours thinks)

So, there we go, week 3, run 1 complete and it wasn’t really as bad as I imagined. I would never have thought just a few short weeks ago that I could do it BUT I HAVE :-)

On a final note, I read the following quote over the weekend and thought I would share it with you as I think it sums up my current metal attitude

“The great thing about running, is that just by setting out on a run, every time you put one foot in front of the other you WIN!”


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2 Replies

  • I've just done Wk3R1 too - as with you, I wondered if I could step up to 3 mins, almost stopped before the end of the irst mins, but gritted my teeth & did it. Actually found the second 3 mins a bit easier - pehaps it was because that was downhill!!

    I like the way this progamme changes your mental approach - last week 90 secs seemed like a long way, ths week, that is (and actually felt like!) the easy bit!!

    Was actually a bit disappointed at the end though to have not "been ou" for a full 30 mins!!

    Keep it going - I am starting tho think that maybe this might work!!! :-)

  • Well done on completing W3R1 too ! I know what you mean about last weeks harder part becoming this week easier bit.

    Good luck with your second run

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