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Running shirts

So what's a good running shirt? I've got a bunch of Karrimor shirts from SportsDirect as they're relatively cheap but not too sure they're any good at doing what a good running shirt should do although they don't become heavy with moisture after a run which is good.

Are Karrimor shirts any good or should I be looking at some other brands to keep my cool and moisture free?

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I started with those as well but personally I didn't get on with the Karrimor shirts once I was up at 10K, just felt a bit "abrasive" or something - which isn't very scientific I know. It's all a bit personal preference though I think if they work for you then they work and you can't ask more than that.

I have a good selection now for one reason or another and the best ones are my New Balance shirts long and short sleeved. I kept one aside for my half-marathon as it was my least chaffing :-) and I ended without even a slight rub. The other real bonus with New Balance is that Seatshop always seem to have a deal on them so there doesn't appear to be a good reason to pay full price. Checkout their on line shop. The shop in woking has their sale rack by the checkout and I fall for it everytime!

I got a Montane shirt with my Runners World subscription and that's nice too.

Nike DriFit feel lovely on the hanger but seem to have a big price tag so one day when I am rich and famous I shall go for them probably as everything else labelled DriFit has been super in my opinion and not that expensive (shorts, socks, leggings). Nike seem consistently good quality but there is sometimes a price premium - not sure if it is real or perceived and maybe I should go to their factory outlets rather than premium stores.

Not keen on UnderArmor which is a shame as they are quite cool 8-)

Also have one with a half zip at the front and don't like that at all I keep feeling it and it bugs me - I am such a softy :-(.


I've got a selection of different brands and like Greg_M, I like the New Balance best. They've got a nice soft feel, more so than others. I, too, bought mine at reduced prices at Sweatshop online, and I've just got a second long-sleeved shirt for half the price of some other brands.

I had a Ron Hill one on today (again bought at reduced price) and I noticed that did very well in the rain. I didn't feel wet at all when out running, but now I'm home I showered, I realised the shirt was very wet.


Aldi have some really good cycle shirts in just now, good price and good for running if you feel the cold, they are dry fit too so you have the best of both worlds!

I have a mixture and find Karrimor good but my favourite brand is Nike they are so soft and stylish too! Got to Be is a good brand too.


I have to admit I have run in ordinary tee shirts for 5k runs without any trouble. I have 3 running shirts - a reebok, one from sainsburys and of course C25k tee. I was in Sports Direct and saw those teeshirts. I quite fancied them but I don't feel I need anymore at present. I'm more bothered about a good rain resistant running jacket. The jackets at SD were hung high up so you couldn't get to them.

I'm interested in the Solomon Fast Wing and Sauncony Wind Jacket.


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