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Good run but Endomondo may not be tracking sprints

Target today was to do some fast work and some hills. I was determined to do a complete circuit of the park. I come into it at the top from a long but fairly easy uphill run of 1k from home. It drops to the gate end and there are 2 slight rises and a very steep final push back to the start. Looking at the OS map it's only 20m rise over 250m distance but i feels like a mountian. I've been trying to do the whole loop without stopping and finally managed it tonight - although I had to walk a bit once I'd done it!

Then I ran into the school and did some sprints on the track on the Astroturf. Thought I was doing quite well and certainly was pumping the arms and having to breathe quite hard. However when I checked on Endomondo it didn't seem much better than some other parts of the run. The Astroturf is a football pitch with a track of 100m or so marked on the side. Not sure if it's averaging over bigger distances. Would be interested in what others are finding with this or other apps.

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