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Really interesting run :)

I've never run with anybody before, in fact I really objected to it due to the fact that I didn't consider myself in a position to remain at the same pace as anyone else in the world... ever.

I agreed to go on Week 5's last run with a friend who has done running and rowing in the past.

So imagine my surprise that I managed to not only keep up, but encourage someone else to carry on! My running partner hadn't done much aerobic exercise recently and is a heavy smoker (I gave up smoking a few months ago) and she really struggled running anything more than 90 seconds before becoming fatigued. I ended up running for only about 15 minutes and walked the rest so as not to leave her behind but it was still a success in my eyes, it made me feel good to have come so far, but it was also important to encourage her and praise her for "getting out and getting sweaty" as I knew that these thoughts had really helped me when I was working up my time at the beginning.

Will re-do Week 5 run 3 with a definate spring in my step on Tuesday :)

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That is fantastic.


Well done, it's great that you are helping someone else now :-)


impressive..i am heading out today on my 20 min W5 run and not looking forward to it but am going to give it my best shot.


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