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Treadmill vs. outside (outside is winning)

Second venture outside today and something odd is happening. My fastest treadmill 5k was 36 mins and the treadmill tends to propel you forward, so I assumed that treadmill would be much faster than outside, where you have different terrains, roads to cross, etc. I ran outside to the stamina podcast today (btw my short stride is nowhere near where it should be, is that a height thing, I'm short? Anyway back to the point, I ran 7.5k in total with the first 5k at 32 mins, which I was so so pleased about. The last 2.5 k home was much slower and the run took 49 mins in total. I'm really pleased with my slow but steady progress ( not so much in terms of speed or distance, but it seems I get irritable if I don't run regularly) and THAT is what is making me really really happy. I don't just want to run, I HAVE to run. What a wonderful feeling it is.

BTW, how do I purchase a t shirt?

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