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So much easier!!!..............wk6r2!

I hated r1, I could have stopped so many times but was determined not to and must have been going so slowly but he time Laura told me I could stop. Today, I did r2. What a difference, so much easier and I very nearly enjoyed myself!!! I don't know what the difference is but whatever it is for me it's massive!

Onwards and upwards to r3. 25 minutes running.....can't believe I'm saying that and really can't believe I have a chance of completing it! Fingers crossed.

Thanks to all of you who are at a similar stage for your blogs and support - it's invaluable!

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Well done you. just done W6 Run 1 today but it was fine. Now getting excited about R2. Can't believe R3 is 25mins, doesn't seem long ago that i couldn't even run for 60secs. Keep us posted how you get on.


I know what you mean!!!!! Im at the same stage, Imanaged r2 after a 10 day break and was surprised that it was ok! 25 minutes seems a bit mad though!!!!!! Good luck! X


I ran W6R1 this morning and found it tricky. I'm sure Laura can read my mind! After the first 5 min run she said that I'd probably think I should be able to increase my speed, but to be careful not to go too fast. That is exactly what I was thinking! I'm so glad I slowed down as I found the 8 min run hard (harder than the 20 min run at the end of week 5!). Good luck to everyone.


I found W6 R1 really tough - I think it was after the shock of running for 20 minutes in week 5 R3 on a slightly hilly course. My legs were really moaning about it, but I managed to get to W6R3, and since then it all seems to have slowed down - being busy at work, first season's cold threatening etc.

But well done you, this blog is a shining testimony to all of us who have found strength, determination and inspiration. from each other. Happy running.


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