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First run after graduation.

I completed my first run after graduation and decided to take my 2 labradors with me. We went up onto salisbury plain as I thought I could run quite easily there and it would be flat. Well I was wrong, it was so hilly and full of soldiers practically sprinting around the place. I put on my ipod and started my timer and off I went. The dogs loved it and i managed to first 15 mins without bother. I hadn't run in about a week and half as I have been away. The last 15 I settled into a nice rhythm but this is when the hills started to get a little bigger, i slowed down but didn't stop. I got back to the car with the dogs, looked at the timer and it said that I had been running for 45 minuets!! Very pleased and the dogs are very very tired which is good. Next run I'll be doing c25k+... Hopefully, I will end up being able to run as long and as fats as the soldiers I met today.

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That's brilliant, 45 minutes! Even with hills! Did you get a distance, bet you went way over the 5k mark. Just shows a short break doesn't do any harm, in fact gives your body a good chance to rest and recover! A great first post grad run!


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