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Week 5 Done!

Am away from home this morning, and was not going to let that interfere with my routine of running every other day. So kit on, I headed out on a route that I had in my mind (know the area very well) Started off fine and then around 7 minutes, found myself really huffing and puffing. Kept going and next thing I knew I was at 12 minutes. Knowing that I had over half behind me did help. About 15 minutes in, I realised my breathing had calmed right down and I was feeling good, however, soon started huffing and puffing again. Must admit the last 2 mins were the hardest, but had already completed my route so had to run past my starting point! Feeling on top of the world and really pleased with what I have done. Not easy, but I did it!

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Thats just amazing, well done you, you should feel really proud of yourself.

Great feeling isn't it???

Keep going and let us know how you getting on



Hi Caro8642

Well done. I too have just completed W5 this morning. I had a fairly sleepless night worrying about it and felt so nervous before going out this morning but it went fairly ok after the first 5 mins. I think I'm still in shock! :-)

Here's to week 6, let us know how you get on.


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