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Week 5 run 3 - I only went and did it!

Well this evening as it was beginning to get dark, nervously I went out to see how I would get on with this most feared of runs, w5r3.

I was super cautious to pace myself from the start. I had only finished my dinner 10 minutes before so i was really unsure if it had settled enough, but my planned route is poorly lit so I needed to get going, but I needn't have worried. Any funny feelings in my tummy were only butterflies. So I kept the slow and steady pace until half way through and I felt I had plenty left in the tank, I kicked it up a gear. It was when I realised that with 7 minutes to go and I was struggling to overtake a jack russell plodding along beside me (!) that I really should step it up a bit and sprinted for the rest of the run. I was in such good flow that when Laura told me to slow to a walk, I carried straight on for another 3 minutes or so, until I realised I was quite near home and really should get on with my warm down walk.

So a real success I think, and I am so proud of myself. A huge barrier overcome! Bring on week 6 and good luck to all of you that are apprehensive about this run - you will amaze yourself!

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You are brave going out for this run after dinner, if I so much as walk for a length of time after I've eaten I develop a massive stitch, but sounds like it was a success :) well done!


It's really weird the way you just kind of settle down into these longer runs, isn't it? Like Laura says it's more mental than physical. My head is still going 'I don't believe it' - but my legs just reply 'shut up, you know we can do this' :-)

And your legs certainly can after all that - no problems with the rest of the programme!


That's fantastic! So many of us have felt daunted by Wk5R3 - myself included.

I did wk5R3 on Wednesday. I was really not looking forward to it at all, but was also determined that having done w4 twice I was not going to let this one beat me. Apart from breaking a limb, or passing out there was nothing going to stop me.

Its a great feeling isn't it. Once you take on that mental side of the challenge, and find your stride it's actually not that bad. Not that my legs didn't feel like someone else's by the end, but the elation was great!


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