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Week 4 Run 1

I was a bit worried about this as a few people were on here saying how awful it was and it was such a step up in terms of the length of time running.

Dare I say it? I think I enjoyed the 5 min runs better? I was able to get into more of a flow, I think. I also tried some distraction techniques. Last night on the treadmill at the gym there is a frosted window which overlooks the village main street. So I amused myself (in the absence of anything else) by trying to guess the colour of the next car to drive past. It made me smile when I guessed blue at one point and the next thing to go past was a cyclist with a bright blue top on. I'm a simple soul!

I think my base fitness must be good because it's not the breathing I'm having trouble with but more that my legs/feet hurt a bit.

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You will qualify before I finish my 5x50.

You will be able to join me on the last few weeks


Well done Mrs42! I start my W4R1 this weekend and am aprehensive but am determined to do it. Good luck for R2!


I think week 4 was a good week for me mentally and physically. I realized maybe I could be a runner. You are doing great! Looking forward to more postings from you! :-)


That's good to hear - I just completed W3R3 and looked at what was in store next - its a big leap up in terms of total minutes to run. Distraction really works for me too - I try and think of something to occupy my mind rather than focusing on the running but it only usually works when I'm not trying!


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