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back again! It will stick this time!

Hi everyone,

So I'm back again after a 3 months (yeah I know, bad right?) absence (mixture of injury & life getting in the way which resulted in lack of motivation) but I am back again on C25K and determined to make it stick!

I started again last week at week 1 but I found it a bit too easy so after that run I decided not to go back to the start and went for week 4 podcast to see how I got on. It worked out alright, wasn't too easy but I wasn't on the brink of collapse either so I will carry on from there and see how I get on :-)

Can't believe this is my third time of doing C25k lol that sound rather embarrassing! But I graduated from the programme last time so I know it can be done, plus with the new podcasts I can't wait to try them so I'm determined and motivation has hopefully been restored!

It's good to be back! Fingers crossed! :-)

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3 strikes (attempts) and your out does NOT apply here Cazabees...You take as long as you want :-) You and WE know you can do it.. :-)


Well done getting back on the horse .. my 2nd time around ..I'm back at w1 but doing parkruns (podcast + walking and a smidge of running if I've got it in the tank) too. Increasing fitness will show in my Parkrun times


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