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W5 R1 - not as bad as I thought it would be!!

Lesson learned from week 4 and I started out slowly from the outset. The middle 5 was the hardest actually as my left calf was playing up - again - but the last 5 felt really great and I could have gone on further but played it safe with the leg.

Knowing how hard I struggled, but ultimately achieved on week 4 definitely helped me today. I now know I can run these distances and while R3 is still daunting, I know I can do long as my legs are game!!

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Well done, Fraz. Knew you'd do it, as you will when you do W5R3. I loved that one as I didn't expect to do it at all and surprised myself, and for the first time felt like a runner. You are ready. - bring it on! Just stick to a nice comfortable pace.


Thanks Soozz. Can't wait to hear those words. Not long now!!


Well done Fraz I'll be starting on the W5 runs next week and I'm actually looking forward to them (hate week 4).


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