W5 R1 - not as bad as I thought it would be!!

Lesson learned from week 4 and I started out slowly from the outset. The middle 5 was the hardest actually as my left calf was playing up - again - but the last 5 felt really great and I could have gone on further but played it safe with the leg.

Knowing how hard I struggled, but ultimately achieved on week 4 definitely helped me today. I now know I can run these distances and while R3 is still daunting, I know I can do it....so long as my legs are game!!

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  • Well done, Fraz. Knew you'd do it, as you will when you do W5R3. I loved that one as I didn't expect to do it at all and surprised myself, and for the first time felt like a runner. You are ready. - bring it on! Just stick to a nice comfortable pace.

  • Thanks Soozz. Can't wait to hear those words. Not long now!!

  • Well done Fraz I'll be starting on the W5 runs next week and I'm actually looking forward to them (hate week 4).

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