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The second run, not a fluke any more!

Managed to squeeze in my W1R2 today and found it ok and I was very pleased with myself for pushing myself to do it. After dinner and before a band practice, I had about 35mins to spare, so went out in the day light! Scary! I didn't manage the 5 minute walk at the end because of time but 2hours of trombone playing was enough of a body cool down!

Looking forward to a swim tomorrow lunchtime, for the exercise as much as the 'me' time! I am looking forward to pottering around the house then heading out to the leisure centre. Tempted to keep it as my secret - a far better secret than stuffing my face with a whole chocolate bar! Might even treat myself to a jacket potato afterwards!

Planning to have Saturday off and then do W1R3 on Sunday evening. Hope to get into a routine of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, although Tuesdays will be tight with me working and hubby going out. Just need to plan ahead meals a bit better so I can have dinner on the table early enough to go running afterwards without feeling ill"

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Sounds as if you're enjoying the running! I love your cool down! Good luck with the planning!


well done. I'm at exactly the same stage as you - planning W1R3 either tomorrow or Sunday!


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