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I accidentally ran 6.2K tonight, I NEED a gps watch!

I quickly planned a run tonight as, at 7.20, it was starting to darken up. I was going to run 2 loops of my run with a slope but by the time I came back to the start of the 2nd loop I couldn't face it so I carried on down the road and across a couple of fields. It was getting very dark by this time and when I got home, it was properly dark! I got a bit mixed up and didn't go directly home as I thought I had to run a bit further to get to 5K. I felt really fed up because the run took 45mins. (I walked a few paces up the slope and was cross with myself because Laura never lets me walk up there!) I also walked a few paces a couple of times too. Imagine how very pleased I was to find that I'd run 6.2K. Now I'm hoping that the Parkrun on Saturday will be a picnic!

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I have started to wonder about a watch but really not sure I can justify the cost at present. What I must do is use one of the net route planners to work out a few alternate routes locally with varying distances if I can be bothered to sit and work out how to use one.Incidentally I abandoned Laura earlier in the week and ran to the archers omnibus edition! It didnt seem to make any difference to my speed. If anything i was a bit quicker for not worrying about tyhe pace! I wonder what the strangest accompanying podcast is? Perhaps I will rebroadcast this question as a separate blog and see.

Good luck with the park run. Still not done my first yet.


I was planning to run to the Archers omnibus too! I've got this weeks downloaded so I might just do that! I'm the same as you, I really want a gps watch but the price is just too high. I made a big thing of running too far tonight but my husband just ignored me. Think I might go downstairs during the night and wail that my knees hurt from running too far! If I can get sympathy from all the family, they might feel like chipping in. My birthday was in August but I didn't get one!!! Be good to see what people listen to when they're running. I quite fancy one of those language courses but I can't manage talking and running!


Wow, that is awesome, Stayinbed.6.2 K is fantastic. Great idea about the Archers omnibus too. I have downloaded some Desert Island Discs archives of people I'd like to hear (that is so sad) but haven't been able to hear them in the gym, ha ha. Also thought of doing a language course, now that would be a brilliant distraction, you'd probably run 10K and get home speaking fluent Russian or something. Same as you about the Garmin watch, no chance at all.


I looked at my post about running 6.2K, and sadly, I think the word 'running' isn't accurate!

I have to concentrate so hard on keeping going that at this stae, I can only manage to listen to the sort of stuff that doesn't challenge me! I still haven't got any decent running music. I must find time to go through my cds and find stuff that inspires me to keep going.


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