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A twinge winge .......frustration frustration frustration!!!

Sorry - I need to winge........ I want to go for a run..........................grrrrrrr. After my W6R3 I ended up pulling something in my right buttock/back of thigh area. it only twinges now and then and when I bend over but enough to make me wary of pushing myself..... But oh how I miss it and its only been 4 days. I suppose that's what I get for running off road on exciting new ground. : ( Doing lots of piriformis stretches, general torture with a foam roller and rolling around on a tennis ball..... But I want to go for a run,my body is like a dog wanting to be taken for a walk 'can we go for a run?' 'Its a lovely morning..lets run' I am trying to be very patient, and I know I have to be to prevent a serious injury, but waaah - I want to run. NOW..... Thanks for listening, winge over. Here's to Sunday

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Feel for you. These bodies get very demanding when they want to run and nothing you say puts them off. like you say just like having a dog, lol


This made me laugh: you sound like me :D


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