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Back in the game!

So I've had a looong time out (9 days) due to what started with an injured hamstring, which overlapped with a pretty nasty illness which lasted a good week. Anyway after 9 days I was actually missing running and knew if I didn't get started again soon I would waste all my previous hard work. So although I wasn't 100% recovered and decided to get back in my running shoes and hit the pavement. I was quite worried about getting started again - my next run was to be W8R3 and running for 28 minutes seemed quite daunting after having almost a week and a half off. So I set off at a slower pace, concentrating on finishing the run rather than trying to beat my previous times. I found the run really tough never the less although I was pleasantly surprised when she told me I only had 5 minutes to go. The last 2 minutes were downhill so I actually carried on running for another 2 minutes to get my total time up to 30 minutes. I checked my distance after and I ran a little over 4.5km, which I was happy with given that I wasn't trying to push myself and just wanted to get back out there.

Yesterday I set out for my first run of graduation week! Knowing that I had already run for 30 minutes gave me a lot more confidence, though as I was feeling a bit better I decided to try and up my pace back to what it had been before I had my time out. I wasn't entirely sure how fast I was running while I was out there but it felt slower than usual and I was finding it really difficult. However I did cover substantially more distance than in the last run so I was interested to measure it properly online. And turns out I ran 4.9km!! I am verrry happy with this, and hopefully it means I'll be able to get to the magical 5km for my graduation run which I've already planned for sunday morning. I have continuously learnt throughout this programme never to doubt what I can do if I really have the determination.

On another note I've just started using to track my calories as now I have my running in check I'm going to start focusing on losing weight - I have about 3 and a half stone to lose! I'm moving back to uni next week, and from then on I plan to start running about 5 times a week which I know isn't particularly recommended but a few of my friends who haven't done much running before want to run with me so I expect that at least 2 of those weekly runs will be fairly gentle. Even considering joining a local running club! But don't want to get too ahead of myself...

Anyway sorry for the long post, didn't mean to ramble on that long! Good luck to all of you

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