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W6R1 - Part of the team!

Completed W6R1 last night. It felt great to be back at the intervals, felt like I could push myself with the speed a bit more. For some of the run I was about 80 yards behind another pair of runners, I kept up the same speed as them along the straight bit but I lost them at the t-junction. I think they went the other way. I'm building up my confidence with other runners. I used to panic when I saw them, thinking how awful and inexperienced I must look but the one thing I've realised is that when you meet another runner, you really can't tell which stage they're at. They could be red an breathless because they are a marathon runner who has just tackled a huge distance, they could be just starting out. Or if they're running with seeming ease they might have only just left their house, just round the corner they might be just as red and breathless as me. I'm comforted by that at the moment. Also came across some cyclists who all smiled really nicely at me. In a welcome-to-the-club sort of way. From someone who has certain hang ups about always being the last to be picked for teams in PE lessons at school. (And the faces people pulled when they had no choice but to have me on their team) this feels like a great move forward. Funny how sometimes it's not an improvement in your own running that can make you feel better - but the right smile at the right time from a complete stranger.

Going for some cross training with my daughter in the swimming pool this afternoon. six weeks ago I didn't even know what that meant.

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I know. I still can't believe I've got this far. If anyone had told me 8 weeks ago that I'd be able to jog 28 minutes without stopping I'd have laughed in their face. And here we are, on a good day it's not a problem finishing your run, and if it's a bad day you just think, okay, it'll be better next time, and it is. Just shows you what training can do. I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back, I reckon we deserve it!


You're definitely a league above me if you're worrying about other runners. Yesterday as I was running I rounded a corner where a teenage girl was walking up from behind me on the other road. I desperately tried to increase my pace in case she caught up with me :)

(Thankfully she didn't).


You've put my thoughts into words exactly! I was always the last to be picked for the school PE teams etc and always felt so low about myself and sport/exercise at school. I'm doing r1 of week 6 in a couple of hours and am really looking forward to it! Again, I can't believe I'm saying this! I'm not worrying about speed yet though, it's taken me 45 years to get this far so a few more weeks to think about pace and speed won't hurt!

This forum is so good for bringing us all together. It's great to feel part of an extended team as well as an 'insider' when we get smiles out on the road!


Congrats pelephant! Great job on #1!!!! Nickinicki, you posted exactly what I would of written! This board is awesome! Well done mitts on week 8!!! I go out for #3 of week 6 later tonight, so hoping my next run will be into week 7!!! Wishing all of you well!


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