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Week 8 run 1, broken the 4K/2.5 mile barrier!

Just got back from my first 28 minute run, and I covered 2.64 miles according to endomondo. Both knees are aching, but so far no sign of the pain in my weak knee.

I'm pretty chuffed that I managed both w7r3 (after a 20 day rest) and w8r1 (after an 8 day rest) first time and I've upped my pace to the point where 5K in 30-ish minutes seems realistic.

For anyone out there resting their knees I can heartily recommend getting the bike out. I've been going out for a brisk 30 minute ride most mornings and I am sure that that has helped increase my stamina and overall fitness whilst not putting any strain on my bad knee (I was advised by my physio that cycling was a good idea "as long as you are not standing on the pedals").

I am now in the revolting (to my former self of only 4 months and 4 stone ago) position of wanting/having to do some exercise every day, be it cycling, swimming or kayaking, although I remain rightly repulsed by any thought of organised competitive or (shudder) "team" sport ;-)

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Snap! I'm just back from W8R1 too, don't know the exact distance but geodistance makes it just under 4km. I'm going to buy me a garmin as a graduation present. Touch wood.

Good for you doing all this with a bad knee, I started after a bad back so I can sympathize. It took me ages to realize that I had to get off my bum and do something about it myself, it's revolting as you say, but it works. :-)

Good luck for the rest of week 8!


That sounds great. I had to laugh because I took my bike out the other night for the first time in 2 years. I had some people to visit near me, and decided to cycle instead of walk to get more exercise out of it. Who is this new me?? lol.

MY knees really did not appreciate the shock of cycling, especially uphill. So maybe that's why it helped you, keeping up the strength without the impact of running. Great stuff! Keep it up. :-)


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