Five and a half miles with Chrissie Wellington

So - after having a go with the C25K+ podcasts, I decided I quite liked Audiofuel, so I nipped off to their website and found some interval downloads (at a price of course). The first two I bought were Adrenaline Junkie 2 and Run Faster with Chrissie Wellington 3.

Tonight I thought I'd try to run intervals with Chrissie and see if I could keep up!

The intervals start on a slow bpm 150-160 or so, and work up to 180bpm for several intervals and different times. The total run was 5.55 miles and the pace came out at about 6.2mph which I was slightly disappointed with. I didn't find the 180bpm too hard to keep up with, but I think what is letting me down is my stride length which, being as I have little short stumpy legs, isn't too long! I need to practise longer strides somewhere in all of this or I will NEVER get to my target of a sub 27min 5k...

Oh well, onward to the Adrenaline Junkie 2 and we will see how THAT goes.

I did quite enjoy Chrissie telling me to "keep good form, relax the shoulders, drive the legs, pump the arms, work it!!" and the session did seem to go very quickly.



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  • I've got adrenaline junkie 2! They're good when you're in the mood for something different.

  • Do you think they make a difference?


  • I haven't done it enough to see if it makes a difference. I'll follow your progress with interest ;)

  • I did my first blast of HIIT using Speed yesterday although I think I ran full tilt for too long so only managed 4 fast repeats before I was totally knackered!! Thinking about what I was doing as I ran I became aware that when you run very fast, well my fast there is a point when neither foot is actually on the ground, yikes I though thats not what usually happens! So I came home and looked at some photographs I had taken at Parkrun a few weeks ago of the really fast runners and yeh when they are running there is a point when neither foot is touching the road. I'm like you Carol have very short legs and a short stride so I think training for me needs to be on a good flat surface with short bursts of fast longer strides interspersed by slower periods with a reduced stride.

    I have to say I did enjoy doing my HIIT running, I also did the same in the pool the day before, now that really made me work. I did 1 length flat out followed by 2 recovery then on the last one 3 lengths to recover, must have been working hard.

  • Hi Oldgirl,

    Sounds like you are enjoying your HIIT sessions, whether in the pool or on the road! I have now downloaded as well, a 22 min 200bpm high intensity work out which I might repeat twice through tomorrow if I can get through the first time! That sub 27min 5k is going to be MINE before the end of 2012!


  • I love your determination Carol, good luck.

  • You could build your own session using to select tracks with the right number of beats per minute.

  • I really like Audiofuel too although the more sedate downloads! I do think it helps (I am telling myself this because I find I can't run for as long so I must be working harder right?)

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