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Stepping up after 14 year break!

Phew! I'd forgotten how addictive exercise can be, but also how much more motivated it makes me!

I did four hours solid of housework this morning without even sitting down which I never do! I was pushing myself to finish the jobs and then rewarded myself with a latte and panini in Costa before doing the shopping! But I really enjoyed myself, and as I hate housework, this is a big thing!

All day I've been looking forward to my step class, so I went along tonight and had a great time. I haven't done step since high school and whilst the fitness side was ok, I'd forgotten about the mental side! Learning routines and remembering the terminology came flooding back thankfully and I didn't fall off the step once!

So now I need to find time to fit in wondering whether to brave day light running tomorrow and head out before dinner as I have to go out in the evening and am planning a swim on Friday. I can then fit in another at the weekend, get me!

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Get you indeed Paypol!! It definitely does spur us on thats for sure. I love that feeling after doing some exercise and now doing 3 runs a week just adds to that and makes me feel ready for anything!

I normally walk about 1.6 miles each day to and from the station to work but now dont think anything of adding another mile to that in the morning to walk from the house to the station rather than get the bus...I just need to put a bit more effort into doing that same walk home too! If I could do that and run instead of walk all of that then I would be running over 5K 5 days a week - what a thought!!


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