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Day one...Olympically inspired!

Day one...Olympically inspired!

I like to consider myself in the 'fit when I can be bothered' category, having turned myself to physical challenges in the past such as a couple of 5k charity runs (ok, jogs!) and also doing the London Moonwalk last year. The rest of the time, I am fairly rubbish at doing anything active.

Having spent the summer watching the Olympics and Paralympics and deciding that I need a figure like Jessica Ennis, I have decided to get fit and attempt to stay fit. My little sister is also inspiring me....she is very overweight but has not only started dieting but also really giving exercise a good go. She's lost over two stone now and joined the gym and has bought a new bike. I know it's not easy for her so I really do have no excuse and I look forward to exercising with her in future.

So using novelty of iPhone apps and a podcast, I have begun C25K today. I've never enjoyed running in the day light so as the nights are drawing in, it's perfect timing.

How did it go? It went well, not too difficult. My challenge will be the longer times but I'm not thinking about that now, just looking to keep up my activity and find a love for running!

Tomorrow I have my first step aerobics class in about 13 years, I haven't done one since high school but I always enjoyed it and have found a class at a reasonable time. I'm not sure when to fit in the next run as I'm busy on Thursday and Friday evenings, but I may be able to go swimming on Friday so will try running on Saturday and Sunday.

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