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So chuffed with myself - really pushing myself

I have now done the 5k improver plan on Run Double twice now. It is a 3 mile interval run which for the first 4 runs is 300m running and 100m brisk walk then the next 4 runs are 400m running and 100m brisk walk etc, etc. The first time I did it I pushed the running sections trying to get under 10 min/miles and jogged the walking bits which was a mistake as I didn't complete the 3 miles. I knew I had really pushed myself though cause my muscles have been sore for the last couple of days.

Tonight was my second run and I was determined I would run the full 3 miles and push my pace but decided I was to do the brisk walk instead of jogging. I did a pace of well under 10 min/miles completed the 3 miles and am so chuffed.

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Congratulations, it must be such a lovely feeling I can not wait to i get to that level of fitness:)


Congrats from me too. Is this harder than normal 5K runs? I will be having a go at this too I think. I want to speed up my 5K time, but shall be doing it slowly as I'm shattered after every run!


I don't think it's any harder I do push myself in the running bits but then I know I have a walk to recover. Even when I started C25k programme at week 1 I haven't had any sore muscles which I must admit I have been surprised about as I am not the best for stretching out. However the last two runs doing this programme I have had sore muscles and I have stretched out really well, so to me that signal I am upping my game.


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