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Hell all, not updated for a while so thought I'd do a little blog. Went off on hols at the end of June and ran every day, I know, I know, how hols have changed!!! Really enjoyed using a more expensive treadmill, but then got more frustrated at my rusty old apparatus when I got home. Tried to think positively as that treadmill has enabled me to complete the program and go beyond when running outside wasn't an option (child in bed). Anyway I've persevered but not seen much progress bar the initial 5k at approc 37 mins or so. That said I ran for the first time 'properly' last night and wondered what my capabilities actually are, as I've tended to just stop when the treadmill said 5k or thereabouts! So last night I used a distance app and attempted to just keep running and see how far I went. I ended up doing 7.5k in 49 mins. I had to stop twice as my toenail was rubbing my other toe (no idea why) so had to adjust socks a bit, but absolutely loved going further and the freedom of running outside. If I can fit more longer outside runs I definitely will... The treadmill which has got me so far is going to lose its appeal (or maybe not when there is ice outside)....I'm in for the long haul regardless.

Nice to see so many new runners going and the list of graduates increasingly daily. Bet JR21 is busy with his grad badges lately, the programme is just life changing. Oh for those looking for inspiration, I've also gone from large size 12 (very wobbly at that) to heading for a svelte, firm size 10. I love the new former stronger me

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Great to hear how you're getting on! The longer runs outside are literally a 'breath of fresh air'!

If you want to build up your longer runs then do it gradually (10% rule and all that) to prevent injury. I know you'll love's just a different experience altogether.


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