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Keep On Keeping On

This is a message for all just starting, those half way through, and those near to graduating. Stick with it, you can do it. I started in May. A fat unfit 45 year old bloke with no running history to speak of, a busy life, expanding waistline and lack of motivation. This scheme and the people here built me up week by week. I graduated end of July and kept at it. Three times per week, not over doing it. Today I ran my 5k in 30 minutes and 1 second. This is my fastest ever. I aimed to do the 5k/30min as per the programme. When I graduated I ran the 5k in 34 mins. I kept training and have got faster and fitter. If you ever met me you would not say "here's an athlete" just an Ordinary Joe. If I can do it you can so keep going, push yourself when you don't feel up to it or have had a bad run (we all have them) don't despair and you will hit your targets. Good Luck!!!

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That is fantastic! thanks for the inspirational words and motivation. I'm still at W5 but never thought I'd get this far when i started. I'm 59 and the only exercise I used to have was the daily dog walking and an occassional swim. So far so good, anythings got to be better than the 50 seconds I could run before starting the programme ;-)


You are doing brilliantly, well done!!! Be proud of yourself. I got so much support here I think it is only right to give something back to others. It helped me so I want to help others. Words are free so why not!


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