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ipod shuffle podcast question

This is doubtless Operator Error... but when I added the old C25K podcasts to my iPod shuffle, I lost the C25k+ ones. I have both on iTunes, and it says they're all syncing. But when I listed to the iPod, I'm missing the C25k+.

I want all of them on there so I can pick and choose!

Any techies out there who can help?! I'm on a Mac.

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Try de-selecting C25K+, sync to get old C25K then re-select C25K+ again and re-sync. I had something similar happened but I only lost some weeks of C25K. Hope it works.


Hello Oldgirl

Many apologies for the delayed reply! I'm back from hilly country (where I did no running - oh dear). And I have found a way to sort out the problem.

It was the podcasts doing it - I downloaded the files to my desktop, re-named them and stuck them in my music library - works a treat!

So now I have Week 5 runs 1 and 2 on the ipod, as well as C25K+. A bit more forgiving for steep hills, I thought!

I'm enjoying the C25K Stamina run - on the flat...

Thanks again for your advice,



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