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W9R1 - A change of scenery

I've read on here that a change of route can be really good for getting through the longer runs but it's very difficult to run anywhere here except round a circular route of the village to avoid the extremely steep roads in and out. For a running beginner, this village is a nightmare.

But this morning I did get a change and quite a shock too - it was still dark and pretty cold when I got up :(

By the time I'd slurped my cuppa and got changed it was a good bit lighter but it has really got me thinking it's not going to be long before I will have to run in the dark, and thoughts of how I'm going to deal with it kept my mind occupied for most of the 30 mins of running. It was a really good run after the usual early battle with the legs and I was escorted through the woods for about a half a mile by 2 spaniels who are becoming quite adept at sneaking up behind me and making me jump. There was plenty left in the tank this morning after 30 mins so I think I may up the pace a wee bit for run 2.

What? only 2 runs left. Nooooooo. It's not that I'll miss Laura (I started on a different programme so I've never heard her) it's just that it will be the end of my 4th and final attempt at this lifestyle changing journey. I actually enjoy running more than my power walking now and I can't believe I just said that!

More on Thursday


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YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! CONGRATULATIONS soon to be graduate! We have been running evenings in the dark, thank goodness we are in an area with streetlights! We do have a few dark areas and I have been spooked a few times, although I am usually out of juice, so even though I'm spooked, I can't run any faster! :-) Best of luck to you!


hi ceefin, glad to hear your sticking with it, I'm on wk9r2 today. I have changed my route twice this week and I found it really helped, as I wasnt counting landmarks to my finish.Like you, it took me first 5 minutes of the run for my legs to get going, then it was a nice steady pace. I prefer ro run early morning and have noticed how dark it is getting, However I am still going to persevere, got a hi viz vest so be ready to go. good luck


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