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Week 7 run1, body and mind

Well... in trying to keep to my aim of upping what I can run outdoors I did week 5 run 1 in the park last Thursday. I did it but found my lungs ached more than indoors, something I think I'll just need to keep going with. I think it's a question on acclimatizing to the colder air and I'll try a tip off a C25k-er to have a menthol sweet beforehand to sort them out.

Anyways....I haven't got around to running again until today, lazy and perhaps subconsciously avoiding it. I went back in the gym for week 7 run 1 and I did it! I felt ok too. Got tired towards the end, but I think now I accept that that can happen it doesn't freak me out - I know I can still get to the end. There's definitely something in this 'getting the mental state right' lark. I kept telling myself to keep calm, as Laura has done as points in the programme, and it really helped. Also I know I'm allowed to stop if I really have to...but I wouldn't have been allowed the new top I'm going to buy as a reward for finishing :)

So onto fit and fat. The staff at the gym are great. Today a lady was giving me tips for weight loss. In the past I'd probably have thought it's because I'm so obviously, grossly overweight and gone home and cried, never to return.

I've lost almost a stone since starting but weight has become a downgraded issue. In the past if I dieted the focus was solely on watching the scales go down. A tedious and often self-defeating process. Now it's coming off at it's own pace and the thing I'm much more interested in concentrating on is my progress in C25K. The weight loss is a happy by product of exercising and eating well and not the all encompassing issue it once was. Better still, I feel much more confident because of what I've achieved so far. Also I have a new appreciation of what my body can do for me right now...not what it might be able to do when I've lost a couple of stone. So thanks again C25K, you're doing so much for me I can't thank you enough.

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Week 7??? TOTALLY AWESOME! You should be so proud of yourself! I am into week 6 and struggle almost every single run. You have proved to yourself you have what it takes to finish this program!!!! I am trying to lose weight too, but the scale is not budging the direction I want it to...that said, I pulled down a pair of shorts in my closet and wore them this weekend...they were to tight even just two weeks ago. You have achieved so much in such a short time, the sky is the limit! I look forward to reading your updates!


Lovely blog and well done for getting to W7. Like you I'm aiming to loose weight. I joined Weight Watchers before starting the C25K programme and it was seeing people talking about it on their on-line community that got me looking at it. The weight loss has taken a back burner in my mind and I'm now concentrating on the running (W5) but as a result of running I'm loosing weight faster and loosing inches too.


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