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Better than I thought !!!!

Well I did it !! Wk2r1 and it was better than I thought, for some reason I thought it was 8x90sec runs, so imagine how happy I was when after 5 Laura said this is your last run !!!! So feeling very pleased with myself that I did it as when I got to the place where I go to run I really didn't want to and considered going home !! So glad I didn't ;-) I felt deflated because to day was weigh in for weight watchers and I have only lost 4lb in my first week :-( I know that is still good but last time in my first week I lost 7lb and that was without any exercise !!! So that's why I felt down before my run, but after it I felt really good so I know I must keep it up :-D

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Well Done! I'm in exactly the same place in the C25k programme and I did my W2R1 this morning. I also lost 4 lbs in my first week too!


Hi well done to you too clare7645 !!! How did you find your run this morning ? R u wanting to lose much weight ? I do, so fingers crossed for week 2 :-)


I'm another who has just completed Wk2R1 and enjoyed it after years of hating running.

Working away this week, so swapped my usual run through a country park to running round Heathrow perimeter fence - nice & flat though!!

Let's hope we all graduate together in 7 weeks!!

Good luck


Hi spud, well done to you !! Yeah it will be so good if we all graduate together, but at the min I can't ever imagine me getting there, lol ;-)


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