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Week Two, Run One

Well I started the C25K last week and managed the 3 runs in week 1 surprising well. I have previously started a similar run/walk programme at the start of the year, but with no pod casts and to be honest never felt confident enough to progress to week 2 and therefore gave up after about 3 weeks!

Like a lot of others I only had a passing romance with sport when I was younger and never enjoyed running in the past. I was one of the girls in schools who would hide in the park during cross country and tag on at the end.

This time I am determined to get fit and hopefully lose some weight in the process. During my first week I lost 4 lbs and 1 inch off my chest and hips and ½ inch off my waist. I don’t expect this every week but it certainly helped to keep me motivated. I also thought that blogging about my progress will help me to see just how far I am getting each week.

I have made a decision to complete my runs before work as I know that if I try to completed them in the evenings, I will always find a million excuses not to move my backside and I believe that this is the reason I didn’t keep it up earlier in the year. I’ve got to say, the pod casts are a god send and compared to when I was trying to time it myself, I somehow push myself to complete each run, I think not keeping track of the time helps to distract me.

So, today was my first run of week 2 and the first time I have every progressed to run longer than 60 seconds at a time ? The first 90 seconds felt fine and lured me into a false sense of security because it only got harder after that. After my forth run my calf’s really hurt but I kept pushing on and slowed my pace slightly to accommodate and managed to complete all 6 runs. I felt elated and like I had really achieved something today. My little legs really know that they have worked today, let me tell you!

So, there we have it, my first achievement of progressing to week 2 complete and hopefully the first of many more achievement of this C25K journey ahead of me.

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Well done for progressing into week 2. You are doing really well. Keep at it!


Thank you I will be looking forward to run 2 :-)


congratz just done week two run one myself this morning keep up the good work


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