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Week 9, Run 1...Not the best run tonight, calves still giving me jip right before the Scottish Barefoot Run on Saturday!

I'm just back from running week 9 run 1...I preferred week 8 run 3 but that was after water during the day and then a Revive and two slices of jam and bread right before I went out.

Really enjoyed week 8, run 3...even managed to do a sprint finish for the last 200m. I've stopped listening to Laura (sorry Laura) but the music isn't that great...there's nothing like a bit of Rage Against the Machine or Beastie Boys to get you going!!

I went out tonight for my first run of week 9, my phone was messing about and wouldn't shuffle my songs, realised when I got back I had it on the wrong setting doh! The weather was so warm with no breeze so that really didn't help and my calves, wow! I thought they were getting better, I'm currently transitioning to 'barefoot' style running and love it...I have no pain any more, I could go on running for so much longer...well I could, except my calves are holding me back aarrgghh!! If I run for longer than 22/26 minutes they really start to ache....hopefully it should start wearing off soon, fingers crossed. As soon as I stop and do my cool down walk I do a few steps on my tip toes and they're fine and I can then run home up the's only about 100m but my god is it steep.

I'm still not fast enough though, I'm doing about 4.1k in 30 minutes so I have to find almost a whole km from somewhere...maybe once my calves stop hurting I'll fly round...haha!

Oh well, only 2 more runs to go before I graduate (woohoo!), just in time to head to Edinburgh on Saturday to take part in the first ever Scottish Barefoot very much looking forward to it. At least I won't get funny looks with my five fingers on...or maybe I might actually run totally barefoot, I'll take my SeeYa's with me...just in case! :o)

Happy Running! :o)

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I'm interested to see someone else is transitioning to barefoot running too. I did the whole programme in minimalist shoes and want to get some zero drop shoes now but where I live in France they've never heard of them and think I'm weird. I think you'll find the calves will resolve themselves fairly quickly hopefully. I posted this video before but you might not have seen it (help for calves): Have fun on Saturday!


Hi Suki...yey someone else going 'barefoot'! That's a shame as you really do need to try them about going into Paris, surely there will be some sports shops there that would have five fingers or something. Or you can always just measure your feet and order them online and hope for the best but I'd certainly prefer to try a shoe like that on.

I've tried to have a quick look at the video but it won't work on my husbands work laptop...will have to take a look on mine. Helen Hall is actually going to be there on Saturday and I've put my name down for some coaching from her so that should really help my calves. I was also taking to a guy who has a lot to do with Merrell in a local outdoor shop and he said to land a little more flat footed which is really helping, whereas before I was really struggling but determined not to stop!

I'm so excited for Saturday...a huge get together of like minded people, it'll feel like Christmas lol! :o)


That's a coincidence cos I'm going to speak to Helen about shoes this week when she's back in her shop. She's a great coach, I use her barefoot audio downloads and she's so clear with everything, I feel like I'm really getting somewhere. I'm doing barefoot canicross with my dogs, haha, the locals think I've really gone past crazy... Wish I could be there on Saturday and get some coaching from Helen, lucky you!


Hi Suki, kept meaning to reply but it's madness in this house! I'm following her on twitter, I didn't realise it was Helen that did the Barefoot Audio too, I've had a listen to some of her recordings and they sound really good, I'm going to see how I get on on Saturday, they'll probably help me a lot more with my cadence I suppose.


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