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Running After Graduation

Like some other people on here I have found it hard not having a structured plan to follow since graduation. I have done the 3 new 5+ runs but still felt a bit lost and didn't feel that I was improving.

Have now found myself a new app which is for 5k improvers and does interval training over 5k - 300m running 100m brisk walk (first 4 runs) . I was aiming to get my running intervals down to a pace of 10 mins which I did on some (even lower on a couple). I also jogged on the walk intervals but didn't quite manage to do the whole 5k. So next time I will do the brisk walk and complete the 5k. Really felt the benefit - feeling motivated again.

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That sounds good. What's the app called?


Don't go too low when doing the squats. Just go down as low as feels comfortable and straighten up before you feel any pain. You don't have to go all the way to exercise your leg muscles. Over time, if you keep doing the squats regularly, you'll be able to go lower - a sign that your legs are getting stronger.

Good luck and keep the questions coming!


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