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No smoking, Gait analysis, new trainers & completed week 5

Ok fags first - its about 3 weeks & 2 weeks were whilst off work, slightly fell off the wagon when i got back to work but f#*k it I've been smoking 25 years so I'm pretty sure 1 won't kill me. Anyway 3 weeks & I feel great.

Gait analysis - so, I'd got to a point where I needed at least 4 days off due to the pain in my shins & calves before running. So bit the bullet, went to my local running shop & got it done. I will be returning to thank them for a job well done as after an hour of fantastic customer service I left (£80 lighter) with trainers I needed.

Week 5 done - new trainers on, I felt good but terrified, 20 mins! Not in the last 20 years have I achieved anything like this. Smashed it, I've not been this happy in a long while & although my calves are a little sore it's nothing like the pain I've been having, so £80 well spent.

Gonna try and complete week 6 in a week, wish me luck.

Oh yeah, on a diet now & lost 4lbs this week.

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Wow!! You are doing so well and you're an inspiration! Well done, keep it up and here's to a fabulous, healthy Autumn! :-)


brilliant, you're doing soooooo well,


Yay, fantastic, you're doing so well! Keep posting and let us know how it goes :)


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