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W3R1 - a sunny Sunday morning

So at 8am I was out there enjoying the sunny warm morning and the start of W3. Morning runs are definately better than those after work so am going to see if I can somehow get up at 6am for a run before work - maybe later this week for R3....

For some reason I find the 3 min run from home/park to park/home easier than the 3 min run round the park which was part of this weeks programme. Anyhow, got through it ok and felt at home with the other morning runners. Just wished it could have gone on longer as it was such a beautiful morning!

Raring to go now for R2 on Tuesday...

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Sounds like W3 R1 went well for both of us. I enjoy going out in the mornings too but would have to be out 5am ish and it's still dark now (I'm a bit of a wuss!) just hope it goes ok Tuesday night. Good luck for your next run, Jackie.


Not a wuss Jackie just need to be safe but 5am is an unearthly hour for anyone!! Good luck for R2 and look forward to your update. Sue x


Hi Sue, just a quick note to say, I went for the W3 R2 tonight after work. I struggled as I always do in the evening, it wasn't as enjoyable as Sunday morning but I completed it. Hope your run has gone well or goes well Jx


Hi Jackie, well done on completing W3 R2 thats great news! I too struggled last night; my thighs were aching as were my calves after a lot of walking on Monday so didnt think I would manage it but I did and was so glad when Lucy said you have 1 minute to go on that final run!! I still manged to run an extra 3 mins home though and that felt fine - very strange but maybe its just easier running on the street than round the park so may try and vary my route from W4.

Wont be attempting to run at 6am on Thursday after all as realised that it is still dark then!! So another run after work it is..... Sx


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