Endomondo Pro? Is it worth it?

I have been using Endomondo to track any improvements run-on-run but I'd like to see progress without having to flick through the history section and try to remember what I'd done on previous runs to figure it out. I was thinking about buying and downloading the Pro version. Has anyone tried it? Advise please if you have or alternatives if you have used something else.

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  • I use the pro version and it is better that the free version. I figured it's only £3.99 so why not and there are extra features. I like the beat youself setting where you aim to improve your PB - it tells you every Km how far ahead you are (or in my case usually how far behind). I am always dubious about purchasing apps on my mobile so I bought it via the google play website from my PC and it downloads automatically to your phone.

  • Nike+ Running is free and you don't need a shoe transmitter anymore. I had to pay for both an app and a shoe transmitter previously. Worth a look.

  • What is this and where can you get it please?

  • Itunes, iphone app

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