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Treadmill to great outdoors, I finally plucked up the courage!

Well, on completing the programme I wondered what to do next. I decided I would pluck up the courage and start running outside. My first run was difficult as I think I ran too fast and only managed 25 minutes and nearly had a heart attack! I learned from this and my 2nd run was great, 30 minutes and about 3 miles (must clock this when I get my iphone fixed!) As a reward from my lovely hubby I got a fancy holder/strap thingy for my ipod so I no longer have to tuck it in my bra! I must say it's nice to see rabbits and foxes when out running instead of a screen full of numbers. (not great avoiding dog poo though)

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Well done for completing the programme and to taking it outside. I often think that runners and walkers see a different world. Do you think it's harder running outside on differing terrains to the treadmill?


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