Entered the Great Manchester 10K

Entered the Great Manchester 10k even though I haven't done 10k yet.

Should easily be able to do by May. Then its a question of speed. Am finding running slower more enjoyable than running fast. Much more relax and not so much pain. I did run 9.3k a few weeks ago but had to rest for the rest of the week due to soreness. Have since read that you should increase distance by 10% a week so will gradually increase now.

Feel much more motivated since enrolling for the 10K. Will definitely have to do more training.

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  • You've got loads of time to increase your distance and consolidate before May. Me signing up for one in October is the main reason that I keep going at the mo (been struggling these last few weeks)...I'm determined to do it.

    Good luck with the training!

  • 10% rule is golden. It'll be great fun preparing for the 10k and I am sure you'll be ready.

    Have you changed your photo? It's a lovely pic.. is it your dog?

  • Its my dog and running mate Gizmo. Unfortunately he doesn't like other dogs so I have to be careful to avoid dog walkers when I'm running.

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