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Proud of this mornings run :)

So this morning was W2R3 of my 10k plan. I set off at 5:30am. There was a slight (and only slight) chill in the air which soon disappeared when I began running but was extremely nice when there was a breeze.

My chart said todays task was run for 30mins continuously. That kinda scared me since I've only achieved that a handful of times since graduating 3 months ago and a month ago I took two weeks off which really put my fitness down a few notches.

The beginning of the week saw me running 18mins, walk 2, run 18mins and *that* was a struggle for me so you can see why this morning was daunting.

But never the less, I set off - pitch black but I had my hi-vis shirt on and it's all street-lit roads where I go.

First 10 minutes, and I was struggling. A few hills had caught me off guard but I was pushing through. 15 minutes approached and I was thinking about a cheeky 2 minute rest but promptly put that behind me.

20 minutes hit and I approached a downhill section which kept me quite cool. Then 25 minutes, Runkeeper tells me I'm behind my usual pace but not by much. Kept pushing though, only 5 more minutes.

30 minutes arrived and I was so happy! I managed the 30mins solid running, so happy in fact that I kept on running.

35 minutes went and I was still going strong. By this point, my mind was racing. I had my 30 min route planned out and now I'm 35 minutes into it, where do I go from here? And then I thought of a route and promptly carried on.

And then I hit a long gradual hill that seemed a lot steeper than I remember. I stopped and walked for a few minutes, then tried running again but I'd lost the momentum and I was starting to feel tired, so from there I walked home. Proud that I'd managed 40 minutes of solid non-stop running (well, 39:20) but gutted that I stopped.

I still managed 6.28km though. I'm feeling good for my 10k in 6 weeks!

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Well done Mrqwest!

Hills - no getting away from them and they are hard work. But you did a great 6.28km so you should be proud of yourself. Just be careful about increasing your weekly mileage. For injury avoidance it shouldn't be much more than a 10% increase each week on your total weekly mileage.

Great going though!



Smashing result Mrqwest you dug deep when you needed to which is what its all about. These darn hills are a pest, they just keep getting in my way too!! Never mind you'll get there I am sure, stay safe on the dark mornings running friend.


well done :)


Hills make us strong...well done !


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