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Week 1 run 1, I kept my word

As I said yesterday I'd be posting today that I managed to get outside and go finally restart this. Even though it was a year ago when I was following this properly, I must have gained fitness from somewhere because the first time I tried this I wasn't able to complete the final interval. I found it perfectly doable this time, although still quite tough considering I recently managed, twice, a total of 18 mins.

My only concern is that the route is half uphill and back downhill, and I don't know if the challenge of uphill compensates for the ease of downhill, and whether you're supposed to or not I tried to increase my speed going downhill and on the final jog and more of less (by my standards) sprinted, so I finished strong and it felt good!

Just for reference I weighed myself this morning and I am currently 11st11lb BMI: 26.3 I am curious to see if this helps speed up my weight loss, I was stuck at 12st for sooo long!

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WELL DONE! and it sounds like it went really well.

I wouldn't worry about the balance of effort of uphill - downhill. I find downhills quite a killer on the old quadriceps, although the psychological thing of going downhill is fab! I think you exert quite a bit of energy "keeping the brakes on" going down, so that you don't stumble or hurt your knees. And uphill is very impressive!!

Good luck, we're with you every bit of the way.


I agree with Soozz. My usual route takes me uphill and downhill. As I can't avoid hills, I try to do that bit on the cool down walk. But I do find that they do work me in different ways, but I like your idea of one balancing the other as I tend to feel I haven't worked hard enough if I run downhill! lol

Good for you for sticking with your plan. I did this before too and stopped for various reasons (excuses), too rainy, too cold, need to lose weight first etc. Now I weigh more than last time but I am hoping like you that it will help. :-)

Well done for getting out there and for posting!


Welll done, and keep posting to let us all know how you get on. We're all with you!


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