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Wk6R3 - can't keep the smile off my face

Admitted to my partner it was more of a "fast shuffle" than a "run" but Endomondo says it was an average 8km/hr over the full 35 mins. And when Laura said I was a "proper runner" I have never felt so good about myself. Wore my London 2012 athletics Tshirt on the school run as feel I might actually now be living up to their inspiration. Brilliant way to start the weekend - for all of you at a similar stage - keep going, you know you can do it, Laura believes in you -and the feeling at this stage is just fantastic :-) Happy Friday everyone!

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Best feeling in the world. Well done you!!


Doesn't it just make you feel UP for the rest of the weekend, literally.

Well done, not such a virtualrunner now are you? You are the realthing!!



Amazing! You should feel fantastic! I start week 6 on Sunday, I hope I do as well with it as you did.


thanks all - did wk7r1 this morning - much slower than friday - must be all that wine I drank to celebrate :-) and @gdeann I am sure you are going to be great- let us know how you got on


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