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So I have finished week 2 but not with out feeling like i did something to my right leg. I thought it was a muscle spasm in my calf but now the pain has moved to my knee. I am still running but it hurts. I do not want to stop running as all the hard work and effort I have invested will be waisted.

The pain was not very bad tonight but I have a heating pad on it right now. It seems to help.

I have not lost any weight yet but I hope that I will start soon. I do not eat much as it is and I am not over weight but I am hoping to lose at least 5 or 10 lbs by Nov.

Thanks for listening


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Well done - it's an amzing sense of achievment is't it? I had a painful ankle after R2 but then had two rest days instead of one and it seems to have cleared up. Listen to your knee! If it's telling you not to run, don't. I managed to diagnose my ankle problem via Dr Google, but you may need to see a proper doctor.


Thanks for the advise Boudicca. Yes i do feel great on what i have accomplished so far...I am going to start week three tomorrow so i hope that i can complete it... wish me luck.


Well done Paris 102. I second boudicca in that you should listen to your body. Being a martyr and running when your knee is in pain will make it worse and may mean more time off. Go and see your GP-he/she may recommend rest with alternate ice/heat packs applied to your knee, then a support to wear whilst you are walking around. it's the weekend, so take advantage of the two days off and rest up.

I've just done Week run 2. Well, that was my intention! Don't know what happened, but the ipod rearranged itself to week 5!! I was on the first run, and thought it seemed to be taking rather a long time, and I was running out of steam, so I stopped. Then I heard Laura say well done on week 5 1st run-you have just run for 5 minutes. Hecky thump! I must have run for at least 2 1/2 minutes. I reset and started over. I did toy with the idea of finishing early, then though what the heck I've 2 days to recover. I was jogging like a waddly duck by the last run-people were looking at me, so must have looked so funny :-)

Good luck Paris 102.


I remember being annoyed at iPod's inability to transfer podcasts with weeks in the right order.Good luck with the rest of your runs.I echo the advice about rests. I took two days off whenever i felt a slight twinge and when on holiday it was sometimes 3 days but you don't lose the conditioning in that period.


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