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Roll on W3R3 by the seaside

I feel good...dobi dobi dobi do.... I knew that I would.... actually that's not true, I didn't know how good I would feel after the 2nd run, I think I'm becoming a little obsessed now, desperately trying to work all these runs into my life. I'm away for the weekend in Plymouth so looking forward to running along The Hoe on Sunday morning, while everyone else is still asleep, although I know how hilly it is there so might not be feeling so good when I've finished ;)

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I did week 3 run 1 last night. It felt pretty amazing to manage 3 mins so I'm glad to hear my next run should be good too! I've finally worked out a proper timetable for myself so hopefully I'll stick to that. Spent the whole of the summer messing about on weeks 1 and 2 because I hadn't committed properly. Good luck with the seaside run!


Thank you, hoping the weather keeps nice. Well done on your run, good luck with the next W3 run and I'm impressed that you've worked out a timetable, I haven't managed to do that yet but I need to as other things are falling by the wayside at the moment.... Didn't think I'd ever hear myself say this.... but I'd rather be out running especially if it means that I don't have to do housework ;)


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