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5 runs until graduation!

Completed week 7and the first run of week 8. Was so tempted to run just that extra 2 minutes to complete 30 but decided to stick with the programme having got so far. Physically I feel ready to graduate and also to up my pace on the treadmill form 5mph which I guess just goes to show how well the programme works. If anything, as Laura says, the greatest struggle is a mental one to keep concentrating. Have been tempted to move to running outside but think I'll graduate first and then do that. Dont want to cock it up now having got so far (much against my own expectations!)

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Well done! Sounds like you'll have no problem. 5 mph is very impressive. I do think you're doing the right thing to stick with the programme as although the runs are repeated it builds up your stamina which all helps in the long term.

Good luck with the last 5 runs!


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